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Some Tennis Girls

Andrea Canella

Some Girls is an album by the British rock band Rolling Stones, recorded between 10 October 1977 and 2 March 1978 and released on 9 June 1978. Released in full punk rock era, it is the symbolic musical response of Mick Jagger & co. to those who had defined them as outdated and rock dinosaurs. It was the first Rolling Stones album to feature Ronnie Wood as an official member of the band, joining founding members Mick Jagger (vocals), Keith Richards (guitar), Bill Wyman (bass) and Charlie Watts (drums). With a steady line-up for the first time in several years, the album marked a return to roots for the Rolling Stones. Regaining credit after the relative failure of criticism of the previous Black and Blue, Some Girls reached number one on the US Billboard 200. The album was also praised by music critics, who called it the best album of the group since Exile on Main. St. (1972), a “true comeback in full shape”. Driven by the single Miss You, it is the Rolling Stones studio album that has sold the most in the United States, with 6 million copies.


We have renamed the cover of Stone album, according to a delicious tennis sauce by dedicating some songs to current and past protagonists of the female circuit. Three of the below mentioned tennis players have won slam titles in the 1978 season and were real stars at the time the Stones album was released.

So “Miss you” is dedicated to an Australian who unfortunately has just left us orphans, of what could have been a healthy rivalry, with that girl to whom we wanted to dedicate the movie “Georgie Girl”, even if musically speaking, with all respect for the Seekers authors of the same song, we definitely prefer “Georgy Porgy” of Toto.

The second row is opened by a tennis player who was the victim of a dramatic episode in 1993, by an insane man, whose burden we hope has left marks in his psyche. The inspiration is fully taken from the song ” Beast of Burden “.

Then we continue with “Just my imagination“, which is in fact a cover of the group “The Temptations“, a group that included among its members, Otis and Paul Williams, of which we completely ignored the improbable existence of degrees of kinship with the tennis player in question.

The second row ends up with a tennis player, who has always been at the forefront of the battles of the LGBT community, to whom we have dedicated the word “Freedom” from Freedom Wig.

The third row opens with a tennis player to whom we wish all the best in her fight with the announced disease that has struck her, a great rival of the previous tennis player. We continue with an athlete, that was almost for a decade dominant starting from the late 80s, continuing during the 90s, and who won her last title at Roland Garros in 1999, a very important tournament for her life, because that tournament was not only victorious in sports, but it was also victorious for her love life.

And then we keep on with an Australian tennis player to whom we wanted to dedicate the words “Boy Cut shorty”, even if her haircut rather than shorty would be curly.

Third row ends up with a tennis player who hasn’t won much, but in terms of regularity in the second half of the 80s and early 90s, she often managed to get to the final phases of big tournaments. The dedication to her is the song “When the whip comes down”.

Scrolling down and reaching finally the last row, the first tennis player seems to say us “Before you make me run!!“, you have to start running on the tennis court, even if from an athletic point of view and with reference to tennis footwork, this athlete was particularly gifted.

Continuing with a Swiss tennis player, words “Skin-Crown“, embedded in the Stones cover, seem to be appropriate, since so brilliant were her results at the turn of the 90s and the early years of the first decade of the twenties-first century.

Finally, a Russian tennis player seems to say:

Yes, my career has been respectable, since I can also say that I have made the career Grand Slam !!

Obviously the chosen song, in this special case could only be “Respectable“.

And concerning you, how many have you guessed about these protagonists of the present, recent and remote past WTA Tour?

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